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The Dynamic Academy 

Are you finding it hard to find clients?


Are you lost when it comes to the entrepreneurial side of your birth business?


Not sure where to start? How to build? How to Grow?


Do you want to thrive in your business?


How amazing would it be to feel lit up when doing the work, and make a living wage while doing it all?


When you can't find what you need, you create it. 

Sarah and I spent the early part of our doula agency days looking for mentors, leaders in our industry to learn from. We were willing to pay for their time, their expertise, and their knowledge. 

We quickly learned that what we were looking for, didn't yet exist. So we created it. 

The Dynamic Academy is a place for your birth business to grow and thrive. 

Workshops, Masterminds, Mentoring, Coaching, Website and instagram audits. We do it all.

We've got a free offer for you called "How to Grow your Birth Business" where we will cover our biggest success', mistakes', and how you can build your doula business into a juicy career that doesn't leave you burnt out!

We are sharing it ALL, so you can learn from our pivots, and imperfections. 

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