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5 things I would do differently starting out as a new doula

Oh to be able to get into a Time Machine and go back to the beginning.

To do this all over again… where would I begin?

1: I would build a solid relationship with another doula.

It doesn’t have to be a business partnership, but it needs to be someone who you can pay to be a reliable backup. Who your clients will be able to know just in case. Who you can decompress with, and bounce ideas off of. This can naturally develop into a partnership, and we are super biased, but we think partnership is AMAZING.

2: I would get a great book keeper. DON’T WAIT on this. Treat it like a legit business from the minute you begin. I am still getting my stuff in order after years of being in business and not taking it seriously. If numbers and bookkeeping are NOT your love language, find someone who knows what they are doing.

3: I would have a time off plan. At least 2 months a year of completely off call. You need to have time to recover and slow down. You need the time off call to be you, to put your phone in another room, and to recalibrate.

4: I would have an amazing contract, and systems in place for my prenatal and postpartum visits. Policies make life easier. If you (and your doula partner) have the same process for prenatal visits and postpartum visits it makes sharing clients or being a back up so much easier.

5: I would hire a mentor. We’ve worked with so many coaches and mentor over our years and the take aways have been priceless. Investing into your growth, and your business sense is incredibly important. When you invest into yourself, you value your time, and your clients even more. Find the people you look up to. Whose businesses you want to be like. And pay them to learn from them. Someday someone will be learning from you.

Our doula Mentor programs start Jan 24.

No one understands doulas, like doulas themselves. With the level of experience and expertise we have, we want to share it with you and help you grow your business and thrive, all while also honouring how heavy this work can be, and allowing for decompression, and community. 


There are 3 ways to work with us: 


Group Membership: $50 a month


Includes: Group WhatsApp for peer support


  • One monthly group call to talk all things birth. We can decompress together, we will be inviting in speakers, or we will be able to answer questions that will be submitted before hand.

  • Social Media/Website audit and advice (available once)

  • Ability to purchase 1-1 calls for a discount ($120 instead of $150 to a maximum of 4 calls)

  • Possibility for referrals in your area!

  • Private Podcasts for your doula ears ONLY

1:1 Calls - booked a la carte - $150 an hour


6 Month Deep Dive Coaching - $6000


If you are SERIOUS about growing your business, building your confidence AND your brand, and making money doing what you love, this is for YOU. 


  • weekly calls for 6 months

  • access to the group coaching calls

  • whatsapp for communication and further mentorship

  • Website and Social Media audit and advice

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