FAQ's about doulas.

Is a doula covered by OHIP or benefits!?

Doula’s are not covered by OHIP, but wow what a world that would be. Doula support can be covered by benefits, usually only when your doula is a regulated health professional of another kind, examples being an RMT, Physio, or Naturopath. There are a small amount of benefits programs that do cover birth support.

Why would I need a doula if my partner is going to be there?

A doula doesn’t seek to replace a partner, we actually highlight their strengths and make them look Goooooood. We know birth, you know each other, and that is so important. We also support your partner allowing them to take rest, eat, clear their head, and stay emotionally present for the birth. Birth can also be scared, stressful, and intense for a partner. We relieve a lot of that by them trusting us to guide you both through the journey.

Why do I need a doula if my mom is coming to the birth?

As for moms, here is the thing. Don’t invite anyone to your birth who takes energy from you. If your mom is going to be worried or stressed, you will be managing that emotionally, and it is NOT the time. Be very careful in choosing who you invite into your birth space. Your mom is no different from your partner in the way they likely don’t know or trust birth in the way a doula does. Maybe extra love, sure, but not comparable to the experience a doula brings to a birth.

Will the doula I hire be the same one at my birth?!

We do our best at Dynamic Doulas to assign your primary doula as early as possible. In the case of a scheduling conflict we will usually arrange for your back up to attend the prenatal visit as well if there is a more than 5% chance your back up could attend. In short, yes, the majority of the time you know who is coming and that relationship has been built.

We have hand picked our team to be an extension of ourselves. We train them, mentor them, and are available to them at all moments of your care so that you feel well taken care of. There is always a doula, doula-ing the doula behind the scenes.

Can I have a doula for a high risk birth?

Absolutely! We can attend any birth, and emotional support is always important to your experience.

Does the doula advocate for me at the hospital?

Yes, we are able to see when things are diverting from your birth desires, and bring your attention to it. We don’t argue with care providers. We approach them with questions, and kindness, and gently try to keep things on the desired track. Most of the “work” is done before birth day, and it’s in your education, and deciding what kind of a birth you want.

When do you hire a doula?

The earlier the better! Our schedules do fill up, and we can offer so much guidance in those early weeks. For example, if you don’t know the difference between a midwife and an OB, we can walk you through that. We have people who hire us as early as 5 weeks, and as late as 34! Really though the earlier you hire, the more value we provide.

Why do we need a doula, if we have a midwife?

Midwifes have a LOT of work to do at your birth that isn’t emotional support. They have paperwork, heart rate checks, and may be managing other calls. You cannot rely on them to be your coach the whole time. They do their best, but also they are prioritizing your birth and trying to get there when you are in active labour. Your doula can help you manage early labour, and how you get through early labour is a great predictor of how your birth will go. Midwives have hired us to support their own births, so if that doesn’t tell you that you can benefit from both, I don’t know what will!

Will be birth be better if I hire a doula?

We don’t guarantee outcomes. We obviously cannot make any promises. However the stats speak for themselves. Your outlook on your birth will be better, your risk of being caught in the funnel of interventions is decreased, your chance of cesarean is decreased. Your likelihood of experiencing trauma is reduced. It’s often hard to understand the true value of a doula until you’ve had a birth with one. I suggest you read testimonials and reviews to get a clear picture of how we help.

Can I have a doula if I'm having a hospital birth?!

Absolutely you can! We weren't allowed in hospitals in the thick of covid, but now we are and we are positive we won't be asked to stay out again.

We know our way around the hospital and are so helpful to have around to navigate the medical system.

Is hiring a doula beneficial if you're having a cesarean!?