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We want to help YOU have a
better birth

We are passionate about educating as many people as we can about how to build a birth they desire.


We spend so much time focusing on what we don't want in a birth, but in our classes we dive deep into how to not end up in a funnel of interventions, and how to stay in your beautiful hormonal flow of labour.

See our courses available below,

and don't miss the bundled deals at the end! 

Birth Education


If I could change one thing for you, being pregnant with your first baby; it would be that you would take an incredible prenatal class 


One that aligns with your values and desires for your births 


One that teaches you all the things you didn’t even know you needed to know 


One to help you unlearn all the Hollywood bullshit, and begin to find confidence in how intuitive and powerful you are


One that leaves your partner feeling prepared and excited to be a person for you to lean on through this incredible adventure 


We have the class for you! 

You'll learn;

  • Pregnancy Health and Nutrition

  • Sleep, Sex and Stress

  • Anatomy and Physiology of birth

  • Unlearning Hollywood

  • Stages of Labour

  • Coping techniques and positions for all stages

  • Pushing

  • Golden Hour

  • Immediate Postpartum

  • The first 6 weeks for Mom and Baby

  • Breastfeeding Tips and Tricks

Don't wait until your second birth to have the birth you desire.  Get curious. Ask questions. 


I want a different birth

Did your first birth leave you traumatized?

We've seen it time and time again. We get hired for a second birth because the first birth took our client by surprise. 

"I thought my OB would teach me more, but they didn't even have time to answer my questions"

"I didn't realize that I had options, or could even say no"

"Nobody told me my birth could be traumatizing"

We've got the class for you to start your healing, to unlearn what you thought you knew, and to relearn how to trust your body, and birth.

from a dear client - 

"Lara and Sarah are empowered humans who hold space for any and all birth choices. You want them on your side. They will give you all the science you want and lovingly remind you to trust your instincts, too. You may have heard the saying "hurt people hurt people", well Sarah and Lara are living examples of how EMPOWERED PEOPLE EMPOWER PEOPLE."

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Prenatal Portrait

Birth Partner Prep

You get pregnant, read books, listen to podcasts, and people begin to expect their partner is going to magically be prepared enough to support your birth. 

This doesn't happen without work.

We find that the more engaged, confident, and educated a partner is, the better outcome your birth will have. Especially if you can't hire a doula, this workshop will get you both prepared for the big day. 

Optimizing your Induction

When your care provider mentions induction, things can spiral into stress mode very quickly. 

This course is designed to help you decide if you REALLY need to be induced; and if you do we go in to how to optimize that experience. 

Inductions can be brutally long, scary, stressful and traumatic. 

Take your decisions into your own hands with this quick, punchy course.

Dynamic Academy Bundle

Get our Dynamic Academy Prenatal class AND

  • Birth Partner Prep

  • Optimizing Your Induction

  • Birth Mindset Prep

  • Prepare for a Positive Birth

It's a $425 value for $300!! Don't wait on this bundle deal, you deserve to have a informed, empowered birth!


I Want A Better Birth Bundle 



  •         Birth Partner Prep

  •         Optimizing Your Induction

  •         Prepare for a Positive Birth

  •         Birth Mindset


     $200 value for $140!!

This bundle is for you if you don't feel like you need a prenatal education class, but you just want a little more help at bettering your experience!. 

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