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The doula business coaches you need

Meet Your Dream Doula Coaching Team
Hey there friend! 

Ready to take your passion for supporting pregnancy, births and postpartum to the next level? Look no further than Sarah and Lara;   we're your new BFFs on this exciting journey.

Why You'll Love Us as Your Doula Business Coaches
We're not just coaches; we're doula superheroes who've conquered the challenges of building and growing our businesses. We get your hustle, and we know what it takes to shine.
Your doula business is one-of-a-kind, and our coaching is all about celebrating your uniqueness. Whether you're starting fresh or aiming for the stars, we'll craft a plan that's as individual as you are.
From branding brilliance to nailing your marketing, snagging clients, setting prices that rock, and keeping your finances in check – we've got the whole package covered. We're arming you with skills and know-how for every aspect of your biz.
We don't just drop wisdom bombs and vanish. We're with you all the way – mentoring and making sure you stick to the path of success. When you win, we win!

What You Get with Our Coaching Program:
1. **Dream Doula Business Blueprint**: We'll help you build a business that's all about your goals and dreams.
2. **Unleash Your Branding Swagger**: Learn the art of rocking your brand and getting it noticed by your dream clients.
3. **Client Love Academy**: Become a pro at building meaningful, long-lasting relationships with your clients that are pure magic.
4. **Price It Right, Earn Big**: Discover the secret sauce to pricing that's both fair and fabulous and keep your financial mojo strong.
5. **Time Mastery Secrets**: Get the lowdown on managing your time like a pro, so you can balance client love with growing your biz.
**Ready to Rock Your Doula Business?**
Let's kickstart your journey to doula business stardom. At Dynamic Doulas we're on a mission to help you turn your dreams into reality and create a huge impact as a doula. With our personalized coaching, you'll become a superstar in the doula universe!
We're not gatekeeping any of the secrets that grew our business from hobby to 6 figures, and continuing to grow.
Your passion deserves to shine. Contact us now below and get in on the action. Your journey to a thriving doula business starts right here.
So, are you ready to invest in your doula dreams? We're here to be your partners in crime on this wild and wonderful ride!



Group Membership: $50 a month *group membership opens in June 2024


Includes: Group WhatsApp for peer support


  • One monthly group call to talk all things birth. We can decompress together, we will be inviting in speakers, or we will be able to answer questions that will be submitted before hand.

  • Social Media/Website audit and advice (available once)

  • Possibility for referrals in your area!

  • Private Podcasts for your doula ears ONLY

      1:1 Calls - booked a la carte - $150 an hour or $550 for 5 calls! SPECIAL - if you purchase 5 calls you also       will get a personal WhatsApp channel for communication while doing your mentoring with us! 


6 Month Deep Dive Coaching - $6000 for 6 months


If you are SERIOUS about growing your business, building your confidence AND your brand, and making money doing what you love, this is for YOU. 


  • weekly calls for 6 months ( that's a total of 24 hours of 1:1 support)

  • whatsapp for communication and further mentorship

  • access to group membership calls

  • Website and Social Media audit and advice

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