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Confident Birth Education

Prepare your mind and body for birthing your baby with confidence and feeling powerful through the process. 


Presented by Lara and Sarah, CEO's and Co-Founders of Dynamic Doulas INC. 

We are women with a passion for birth and education.  Together we have supported over 200 families through their births and postpartum. 
As a Registered Massage Therapist, and Kinesiologist respectively, we have the knowledge of the body to teach you how to work within your physiology to have an empowering birth. 

We work together to pool our skills and strengths to offer the best care and education possible. 

Our mission is to empower expectant parents with knowledge and confidence. We believe that informed parents make healthier choices and have more positive birth experiences.

Dynamic Doulas also offered us a 1 day course on labour that I was not excited to go to, but at the end I felt happy and extremely confident going into the process whereas I was extremely nervous and "grossed out" before. Our birth was one of the most beautiful moments in each of our lives and Lara played a huge part in that and I am forever grateful.

Ben Stiller, London


Experience Empowerment

What if I told you that you could feel: Empowered, Safe, Confident, Supported, Seen, Prepared, Valued?!

Invest in your birth the way you invested in your wedding. Your birth can affect not only your first year of parenting, but sometimes your whole life. Feeling in control of your options and choices is SO important for your mental health.

In less than a weekend you’ll be;


  1. Confident in your ability to birth 

  2. Knowledgeable about your body’s ability to birth

  3. Able to know how to help yourself have a better birth - less pain, more connection and less intervention

  4. Know what to ask for from your care providers and your partner 

  5. Your partner will feel more prepared and confident in supporting you

  6. Know how to navigate the system and set yourself up for success

  7. Solves the unknowns, fears, and worries that come along with birthing a baby for the first time

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