Birth is strength
A cesarean isn’t often something anyone
Sometimes the overwhelm is huge, and you

birth support 

No matter where or how you decide to labour

and birth your baby, we can be there.

Encouraging. Listening. Validating. Loving. 

Clients have said we have been their coach,

cheerleader,educator, advocate

and constant believer. 

We follow your values and the comfort measures

that you request

so that you can have a safe, memorable and

empowering experience. 

We'll also show you options you didn't even

know you had.


We provide physical, emotional and educational

support for you and your partner.


 We attend your active labour and ease the questions, fears,

and worries by educating you before the birth,

and by being present through the whole process.


Birth Support is a part of our "Dynamic Package" ​

the dynamic package 

Kitchen table prenatal education - our 5 hour prenatal education class built to teach you all of the things you didn't know you needed to know about birth. 

Done in a group setting, or available privately in home *for an additional charge*

Access to our private Facebook groups:

Meet other new families who are in similar situations, with babies who are close in age. There is such comfort in building a village of support for yourself, and your child. We help facilitate that. 

BUMP CLUB - Monthly zoom meetings for during your pregnancy to provide community and peer support. 

On call support:

From when you sign your contract to when your baby is born. 

In home prenatal visit:

Discussion about how you want to feel at your birth, the location of your birth, designing an infant feeding plan, and preparing for the fourth trimester, the first 3 months with your new baby. As part of the package you receive 3 visits total. You can use these prenatally, or post natal.  

Attendance of your birth:

We attend your birth from active labour, until 2-3 hours post baby's arrival. We do not charge extra for births that are longer in length. We want to support you, without you watching the clock. 

Post birth care:

Making sure you have eaten, settled into your bed and are feeding comfortably after baby has been born. 

Postnatal visit:

To assist with feeding your baby, to reflect on your birth experience, and to talk about healing. Preparing for postpartum, a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, or maybe you just need a nap. 

Unlimited email support 6 weeks post birth. 

You don't have to go at this alone. Let us be your search engine and wise experienced people, instead of reaching out to google. If you are struggling with ANYTHING in the first 6 weeks, we want to hear from you. If its out of our scope, we will quickly refer you to the expert in the area you need care. 

Baby club - weekly meeting for all of our postpartum clients over zoom

Investment for the Dynamic Package starts at $1500 and can be customized to your desires 

We provide you and your partner with care, understanding, information and support before and after birth. Our initial meeting will help us tailor our package to fit your needs. Get in touch to find out more.
Mother Breastfeeding Baby

Additional add ons:

  • various workshops

  • in home massage therapy (pre or post natal)

  • extra phone coaching sessions

  • postnatal visits 

  • photography