dynamic doulas
Lara & Sarah- co-owners
*see below for our full bios, and meet the rest of the team*
We are women with a passion for birth and education.  Together we have supported over 100 families. 
We work together to pool our skills and strengths to offer the best care possible. We are adaptable and communicate effectively with your health care provider.
We eat, sleep, breathe this work. 
From prenatal classes to birth support,
postpartum doula care, coaching, and massage; 
we’ve got a lot to offer.
Our mission is to work with birthing people and their families to direct them to the best sources for information, support, and health care and encourage them to grow into confident, strong, happy humans. We are on call for your from the moment you sign your contract. 



"When you change the way you view birth, your birth will change."

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Lara Martens - co-owner, birth doula, RMT 

Mom to two strong and free spirited little ladies, and wife to my high school sweetheart. 


       This journey of mine started with Massage Therapy school and a love for prenatal massage. I finished my diploma in May 2005 and have been self employed ever since. I worked at a variety of locations; laser therapy clinic, spa, Pilates studio and a chiropractic clinic in addition to working out of my home as well. I developed a passion for health and wellness and all it involves. I learned about how nutrition, movement, and self care are incredibly important parts of your health regime, and they all work together. I did my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2008 to give myself more education on movement and fed my soul in the process.


In 2012, shortly after having my first child (and having my own doula present) I decided to become a trained ‘Perinatal Support Practitioner’ under Carol Peat’s direction. 


I was so excited to be able to offer this service to my prenatal massage clients, as well as family and friends. 


Massage Therapy and Doula work were a great fit and I quickly found myself doing over 20 births a year. To say I am passionate about women, babies, and everything that involves is an understatement. I believe Birth, parenting, and life beyond is an ever changing, imperfect adventure. With Ups, Downs, Twists and Turns. I adore helping my clients navigate many different situations, and seeing them thrive after receiving support and education. 


I’ve supported over 100 births and each one I learn from, and grow a greater appreciation for the process. Here are some of the things I know for sure TODAY:

That breastfed is optimal,

and bottle/formula fed is an incredible option.

That vaginal birth without intervention is beautiful,

and so is every other variation of your babies  possible birth. 

That a mother’s mental health is the MOST important aspect of any decision made regarding her baby. 

That when we know better we do better:

education and information are key. 

That sometimes life, babies, and birth, are imperfect and definitely unpredictable

and you CAN prepare for that. 

That no one can actually explain what the first 6 weeks post partum feel like,

but you can and will get through it. 


Registered Massage Therapist - D'arcy Lane 2005

200 hour Yoga Teacher and Stretch Therapist 

Graduate from Carol Peat's Perinatal Practitioner Program 2012

Infant Feeding Specialist 

Experienced Birth and Postpartum Doula

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Lover of bodies, brains, birth, babies and breastfeeding.

And women.  Sigh.  Women are so amazing.



When a woman becomes pregnant, her capacity for learning about growing and birthing her baby grows.  There is such innate wisdom to be tapped into, and yet often in today’s society there is enormous pressure for a woman to conform to a prescribed set of medical practices and ignore what her own body may be telling her.  Women who try to listen to their instincts often face a lack of support and direction. 



As a mom who gave birth to three boys (two of whom are twins)  one hospital birth, one home birth, both unmedicated, I have spent countless hours studying, training, and working with the human body. 


I love to help women to trust their bodies through education and support, to birth and breastfeed their new baby. Because I believe in the incredible process of trusting what a woman’s body tells her to do in birth, I am intensely devoted to unmedicated birth. 



I’d love to chat with you to see if I can offer you the kind of support that resonates with you, and to see if we are a good fit.



Bachelor of Kinesiology from the University of Western Ontario

Graduate of Carol Peat's Perinatal Practitioner program 2013

Experienced Doula

Enjoys plants, the outdoors, human connection, yummy food, a good laugh

and a sweaty workout, preferably crossfit.

Sarah Hutchison - co-owner, birth doula, postpartum doula 
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Demi Babe - postpartum manager; postpartum doula, birth doula

The more you get to know Demi, the more you are going to love her.

She is magnetic, you will be so drawn to her gentle, kind and old spirit; she is quite literally balm in human form.

Originally from Alberta, Demi and her last name actually is Babe!!

Hockey fan? Demi’s dad played in the NHL - and safe to say she inherited his hard work ethic and dedication. When Dem decided last year to follow her passion, she went for it!!

With a coffee w cream in hand or a black tea latte from Starbs, Demi’s day job is at University Hospital, and guys, she has to get a covid test weekly!

She loves concerts and hugs, and can’t wait for backyard bbqs again. She can’t decide between hamburgers or hot dogs, so goes for half of each - girl after our own heart.

She drives a sweet white jeep and we can’t wait for an off-call, top down, beach day with her. She’ll never say no to outdoor adventures, sour patch kids, licorice, miss vickies chili chips or chocolate turtles.

Demi can’t lie to save her life, even her 3 year old son knows if she’s trying to pull a fast one! Lol, her head shakes and gives it away.

Know that she is eager to pull an all nighter holding your baby, while you get a full night’s sleep; this works for bottle and breastfed babies!


- Postpartum Doula (Prodoula and DONA)

- Labour Doula (Prodoula)

- Advanced Newborn Care Specialist (Newborn Care Solutions)

- Breastfeeding for Doulas Course (DONA)

- Infant Sleep Course (DONA)

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Dynamic Doulas-13.jpg

Ashley Stoner - postpartum doula

I’m a sucker for sunrises, sunsets, and willow trees. A lover of iced coffee, maple donuts, and everything spicy. Mama of two little girls and one 11 year old Yellow Lab. I have been married to my best friend, Matt, for 10 years this summer.  We have lived in the beautiful community of Lucan for 8 years, where I work as an education assistant. 


I am an avid runner and lover of fitness. This past fall, I completed my first Marathon - running from the farm I grew up on to my current home in Lucan. 


I am the oldest girl of 6 siblings, I have three brothers and three sisters. There seemed to always be a baby in the house,  which I credit to my love of babies. Thanks Mom and Dad! 


You can usually find me hanging out with friends and family, listening to a podcast, or running and checking my Garmin. I am known for loving quotes, laughing until I cry, and messing up sayings... it is “close but wrong cigar” right? 


I’m awful at spelling, but even more at spell checking. I rarely follow a recipe, and usually swap Greek yogurt into everything - which drives my husband crazy. I don’t order steak at The Keg,  which I've been told is heartbreaking! I floss, but only the day before a dentist appointment.  (Shh, don’t tell my hygienist friends!) I hate the feel of sand, and hate swimming in open water - but love the beach. 


I have a big heart, hardworking attitude, and my friends tell me I have great listening ears. I look forward to being able to share all of these things and so much more with each family I will have the pleasure of working with! 


"A persons most useful asset is a heart full of love, an ear ready to listen, and a hand willing to help others."  

Ashley Stoner-------------

Post Partum Doula (DONA)

Educational Assistant 

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Dynamic Doulas-34.jpg

Christine Beauchesne - Birth and Postpartum doula, CBE

Christine will be your biggest cheerleader throughout pregnancy, labour and postpartum. She is a firm believer that eduction and proper support can make the biggest impact in your birth experience.


Christine has deep empathy and compassion for the the families she supports and is always available to answer questions or talk things through to help you make the best decisions for your family. 


Christine is a trained and very experienced labour and postpartum doula and CBE. She has supported births in many settings both here and internationally. Provided  postpartum, newborn care and breastfeeding support to many of families. Christine is also a trained loss support doula. 


Christine is a mom of two young adults and a bonus mom to two more. She loves to travel and can’t wait to get back to travelling internationally to volunteer. Christine loves spending the summers glamping at her trailer and as much time outdoors kayaking, hiking and sitting around the campfire as possible.  


Christine is passionate about birth and building a connection with her clients and would love to meet you to see if she is the right doula to support your journey. 

Christine Beauchesne----------

Birth doula & Postpartum doula - (The Nesting Instinct )

Loss Support doula - (Stillbirth day, Doula Training Canada)

Advanced Comfort Measures Training  - (Doula Training Canada)


Vida Barhauskas - Birth and Postpartum doula

 Throughout her career of teaching and raising her children, she moved frequently for her husband’s career. She quickly learned to be flexible, adapt, and immerse into her new communities .

For the past 11 years, due to her enthusiasm for births, she has been asked to attend many births of family members and friends. Always honoring this special event that she was to be a part of, Vida embraced it passionately and assisted in anyway she could. About 5 years ago, she was totally reaffirmed of the value of her presence and expertise that she should be doing what she LOVES! She trained with and achieved her certification through DONA International and made a commitment to pregnant women and their families in creating a positive birth experience.

Vida has a creative, curious, outlook towards life, married with 3 “adventuresome adult children”, whom are scattered around the globe. She feels at this time in her life, she has the energy, expertise, enthusiasm and time to empower women in this important life event.

She embraces healthy living through exercise, nutrition, and meditation. Always learning, listening, and observing what life has to offer.

Vida Barhauskas

Birth doula & Postpartum doula - (Dona International)

Dynamic Doulas-33.jpg

Our team is made up of incredible women, mothers, and passionate humans. Due to the nature of motherhood, work life balance, and raising our own children; our team members do fluctuate with seasons of life. 


Pictured here is Ali Finnie, Maddy Alexander, Ashley Stoner, Lara Martens (owner), Sarah Hutchison (owner), Demi Babe (postpartum manager), and Christine Beauchesne.