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How are we going to do this on our own? 

Your baby is in your arms, and a fleeting moment passes by...


 How are we going to do this? We don't know what we're doing! ​

We are meant to be surrounded by our village, full of experienced moms, sisters, and aunties making food, and holding babies so you can rest and heal. 

We're not meant to be alone, and isolated. 

We can thrive with the right support in place.

We can emerge from the postpartum time with confidence, passion, and fully ready to take on the world! 

Thats where a postpartum doula comes in. 

You will get rest. You will full nourished and seen. You will be able to bond with your baby, and your partner better because of the extra set of hands. You will be able to heal from your birth. You will be less resentful of your partners return to work. 

Daytime or Overnight, or a combo of both. We can custom design your package for you, or you can choose from our options. 

Prices start at $40 an hour with a 4 hour minimum charge for the hours of 7am-9pm

Overnight support is $45 an hour for the hours of 9pm-7am

We suggest 3, 5 hour visits a week for the first 3 weeks as a place to start. 

Overnight support is $405 for a night. (9 hours)

We also offer packaged rates. 

1 four hour shift - $160

100 hours daytime (down to 38$ per hour) $3800

1 overnight $405

10 overnights  $3825.00 (down to 42.50$/hr-382.50) 

20 overnights $7000 (down to $40$/hour $360)

"The First Day at home" Package

6 hours of daytime support (value of $240) and an overnight (value of $405) 

Special price of $545 (Thats a savings of $100)



The "First week at home" Package

3 daytime visits of 6 hours - (value of $720)

3 overnights - (value of $1215)

Special price of $1600 (savings of over $300)



We can custom design a package to suite your needs, or offer one time, a la carte visits! 

We cannot pro-rate packages. Packages will be built and invoiced for the amount of hours scheduled initially.

Leave us your details here, we will be in touch

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