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Confident Birth Education

"I'm just going with the flow"


"We're just doing the whole OB, hospital birth thing for the first one"


"My family doctor told me I'd be crazy to get a midwife!"

"My mom told me I don't need a prenatal class, most of that information doesn't matter"

Does this sound like you?

Having your first baby can be overwhelming. You're furiously googling.You don't know what you're even supposed to ask about at your appointments. Questions running through your head...


What am I allowed to say no to?

How do I not get eaten up by the funnel of interventions?

Isn't my care provider going to educate me?

Who do I trust?

How do I trust myself? My body?

I don't want a cesarean!

I am afraid of tearing, how can I avoid it?


The list of unknowns and fears continues to grow...

Take our Confident Birth Education and in one day we guarantee you will be:

1: Confident in your ability to birth

2: Knowledgeable about your body’s ability to birth

3: Able to know how to help yourself have a better birth - less pain, more connection and less intervention

4: Know what to ask for from your care providers and your partner 

5: Your partner will feel more prepared and confident in supporting you



Project Name

Who are we? 

Lara Martens, and Sarah Hutchison. Both with educations in Massage Therapy (Lara) and Kinesiology (Sarah), anatomy and physiology have always been the foundation of a confident birth process for us, and our clients. We've been teaching Childbirth Education for 12 years, and have attended hundreds of births supporting families through this process first hand. We also have taught many more people through our online education platform. 

The details:

In a one day, group class setting with no more than 6 couples, we cover everything from Pregnancy Health to Postpartum Planning. The Birth Prep is the meat and potatoes of the day, leaving no stone unturned. We will have you and your partner feeling confident, empowered and excited for your BIRTH day. 

10am - 4pm with a lunch break

2311 Cromarty Drive Dorchester 

Also Sarah makes the MOST delicious cookies and you get access to our entire course library online. That includes a recorded version of the Prenatal Class and our Birth Partner Prep Class, Optimizing Your Induction, and many awesome webinars!

Cost: $275.00 plus hst. This price is for you and your support person and includes snacks, coffees, and access to all of our online education. 

Sign up through the button to the right, and do so early! Classes fill fast! 

2024 Class dates:

April 20
June 22
November 23 

Private classes also available. Please enquire if interested


Project Name



Project Name

Topics covered: 

  • Pregnancy Health and Nutrition

  • Sex, Stress and Sleep and what it has to do with birth

  • Anatomy of birth 

  • Hormones and why Oxytocin is the most important take away from the day

  • The Birth Process

  • Identifying and Coping with the various stages of labour 

  • Tips and Techniques for mindset, relaxation and avoiding pain meds

  • Optimizing your Epidural

  • Pushing, Tearing, and Cesareans 

  • The immediate postpartum 

  • The first 6 weeks postpartum 

  • Breastfeeding

  • Mothering the Mother

  • Your relationship after baby

Frequently asked questions:

Do I need a prenatal class? 

In our opinion absolutely. This is an important moment in your life, and unfortunately birth trauma is common. It shouldn't be. Education is part of building a foundation for feeling confident and prepared to birth your baby. The more you know about your rights, the process, the system, and your body; the better your birth will be. 

Can I come alone? 

Of course if you are a single parent you can come alone, or we suggest bringing a friend, parent or even you doula if you have one! 

What timing in my pregnancy is the best time to register for the in person prenatal class?

We suggest around 26-36 week range. Around the time you stop worrying about keeping your baby in, and begin to think about "Wow, now I have to get this baby out!" 



"Their prenatal classes were very helpful; they are incredibly well educated about pregnancy and labor. But more than that, they focus on the beauty of the labor process and prepare you to care not only for your new child, but for yourself, as well. "

"These women are incredible!


The prenatal class was everything I ever wanted to know and everything I didn’t even know I wanted to know! I felt so supported through my pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Sarah made my husband and I feel so empowered and informed through our hospital birth experience. When baby had trouble latching Sarah was right there with years of wisdom and guidance. As a first time mom it meant so much to me just to know I had someone to turn to with ALL my questions."

"We both feel more ready and calmer about labour, birth and having a baby! Thanks you two:)


My husband and I loved our kitchen table prenatal class. Lara and Sarah are so clearly passionate about what they do, it comes through in spades during the class."

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