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what we can do to help you

We hear you. You need more. Time, conversation, and direction. A trusted source of information and inspiration. Coaching is the way to dive deeper into your true desires for your birth.


No matter where or how you decide to labour and birth your baby, we can be there.


Our Massage Therapist is also a doula and can offer receipts for Massage as Labour Support which could be claimed on your benefits! 

Post natal massage therapy done in home can be a great addition to your Post Natal Plan.


Hiring a postpartum doula can offer the support and comfort you need in those early weeks. With our experience in babies, healing, sleeping, and self-care we can help get you on track with routines for your home and family, so you can relax into motherhood. 


There is so much to learn! Our team of Doulas provide education on a variety of topics ranging from preconception to planning your postpartum. Check out our list of upcoming workshops! 

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You can learn directly from our expertise. 'We have heard from so many doulas that they finish their training and have no idea how to turn that into a business. We fill in the gaps for you, walk with you on the journey and you'll never be alone.

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