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it's time to take birth, and postpartum into your own hands


imagine a birth, and postpartum where you feel supported, and seen


a birth you aren't afraid of


you're looking forward to it 

the journey of pregnancy, birth and postpartum can be powerful and transformative


 it can be a time you connect deeply with yourself and your partner, feeling grounded and connected to each other, and to your baby

we know pregnancy

we know birth

we know healing

we are your personal google


we are your passionate support system

birth doulas

come hang with us on the gram! you'll see our real, our messy, and hopefully learn a thing or two!

we've been described as:

real and raw
strong and grounded

"I wish I found you before I had kids"



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Our consultations are always free

Ask us questions, and work with us to design a perfect package  for you! 


Not in our area, but want to work with us... we have courses online!

birth doula
postpartum doula


Lara is in your corner. She is a friend, a word of encouragement and your biggest fan.  She will champion you, and support you through your labour with hip squeezes and compassion.  Lara loves friendship, connection, self-care and laughing her butt off. She is an experienced doula and massage therapist who would love to meet you at her favourite coffee shops. 

Lara is a mom to 2 girls. She loves yoga, paddle boarding, the rocky mountains and going on WAY too many trips.  She is deeply passionate about birth, babies, and taking care of the families who hire her. 


Sarah is a lover.  She is your advocate and your guide in birth.  She is empathy and connection.  Sarah loves educating and sharing with you through your pregnancy so you are prepared for the big day.  In birth, she is breathing with you and loving you through each moment. 


Sarah is a mom of three boys; two of whom are identical twins! She loves house plants, unrealistic travel plans and delicious coffee.


She is an experienced doula with a degree in kinesiology, she would love to meet you for a hike to get to know you.

"Invest as much time and money in your postpartum and birth, as your stroller, crib and car seat."
- dynamic doulas

Here’s the thing, if you don’t like your stroller, you can always return it.

You can’t return your birth.

Knowledge is consent.

Knowledge is choice. Knowledge is power.

Come get educated with us. 🖤

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