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distance support 

No matter where or how you decide to labour and birth your baby, we can be there...

By phone, FaceTimeSkype, Zoom, or just text. 

Encouraging. Listening. Validating. Loving. 

Clients have said we have been their coach, cheerleader, educator, advocate and constant believer. 

We follow your values and the comfort measures that you request so that you can have a safe, memorable and empowering experience.  We'll also show you options you didn't even know you had.

Introducing the COVID-19 Distance Support Package. 

A limited time offer in a time of confusion, fear, and uncontrollable circumstances. 

We stay up to date on the latest procedures and protocols from our local hospitals and

no matter where you are giving birth, we can support you.


This support looks a little bit different from our 'Dynamic Package' because at this time Doulas are not permitted in the hospital. We stand by the recommendations of no extra visitors in the hospital, and are being proactive in our practice.


The COVID-19 Distance Doula Package includes:

On call support through text and email. 

Technological support of your choice through the entirety of the birth process: text, FaceTime, zoom, ect. 

3 perinatal meetings: broken up however you see fit, prenatal or postnatal. 


This includes infant feeding support, infant care, and emotional support.

According to your comfort levels we can also attend your labour at your home, if you will be moving to the hospital at some point in your labour. *this would be an upgrade*

Prenatal class could be added for $200. 

prices start at $950 for all virtual.