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Hey there! 

We are Sarah and Lara. 

We are friends, doulas, and share a passion for helping YOU have a more positive birth experience! 

We are so glad you came to our link page!
Here's a quick guide to  our offers, services and freebies to help you have a better birth and postpartum!


Our most popular offer!

Our free "Prepare for a Positive Birth" Class!

perfect for when you're newly pregnant and have no idea where to start! 

Our Dynamic Prenatal Class 

 6 hours of prenatal education provided like no other! We connect with you and educate you about pregnancy birth and postpartum like NO other online birth educators. Through humour and passion we prepare you for birth leaving you feeling empowered and confident. 

this could be you! 

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We're not for everyone, but you'll like it here if you..

Delilah W

Our birth experience was 1000% opposite of last time and I owe a lot of that to Dynamic Doulas. They gave us knowledgeable information, they were cheerleaders of my preferences, and such a calm and stable presence when my postpartum took a turn. I felt no need to google excessively with a newborn, and the postpartum visit was 👌🏻
I was definitely hesitant to spend the money but it was so so worth it. I wouldn’t birth without a doula again! I’m so glad we had Sarah at our birth, it meant everything to me

Kristen C

I took the virtual prenatal course that dynamic doulas offer.
It is an online course but honestly at times feels like they are sitting there with you. It is casual enough that you feel comfortable but so informative!
Lara and Sarah were hilarious which kept it engaging. I liked that I could go at my own pace.
Have my spouse watch videos that would be helpful to him and go back and rewatch certain ones.
As a first time mom it helped me prepare for what to expect both during my pregnancy, during labour and postpartum
. It allowed me to do this on my time in bed vs in classroom setting (which I prefered)

Rebecca O

Lara and Sarah are empowered humans who hold space for any and all birth choices. You want them on your side. They will give you all the science you want and lovingly remind you to trust your instincts, too. You may have heard the saying "hurt people hurt people", well Sarah and Lara are living examples of how EMPOWERED PEOPLE EMPOWER PEOPLE.

how we can help...

We are passionate about helping people not have the birth that unfortunately most people are having... when you ask someone if they are planning to have a cesarean, forceps or a vacuum; everyone would say no. But what if I asked you how you are educating yourself in a way that informs avoiding those things? Do you know how to optimize your labour in order to have a more empowered, less traumatic birth experience? Would you like to? 

See below for more offers, freebies and services to help you have a better birth experience. 


this is the place to get all the goods for FREE! Our gift to you!

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