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How to embrace your Pregnant Body.

You’re growing a baby, and a lot is changing. Your family dynamic is going to be drastically different. Your lifestyle is going to be altered.

Your body is undergoing so much change and work. It’s hard to make peace with all of it.

Let’s be completely real. For most women their relationships with their bodies are complicated at best.

Here’s a few steps to help embrace your ever changing, baby growing home.

1: buy maternity clothes - it may seem too early, but they just FIT differently. Constantly trying to fit in things not built for a growing body ends in outfit disappointment. Treat yourself to some cute basics, and good fitting clothes. We love H&M, Gap Maternity, Target, and Old Navy!

2: do what makes you feel good. Your hair, your make up, any little bit to give you that extra confidence. Sometimes when you look great, you feel better!

3: unfollow accounts that trigger negative body thoughts, and FOLLOW body positive accounts. Be conscious of your scrolling and what feelings are occurring when you're in that zone. Don't let the COMPARISONITIS get to you.

4: move. Find a movement routine that feels good in your skin. Walking in nature, yoga, dance videos on YouTube. Move your body and you’ll feel more at home in it.

5: don’t eat for two; nourish for two. Up your intake of healthy fats, proteins and complex carbs. Eat the rainbow of fruits and veggies. Micro and macro nutrients for a well rounded diet!

6: be realistic: you are growing and building an actual human. It’s exhausting! Your body has to stretch and accommodate that space that needs to be made. It’s going to look different, and feel different. It’s likely going to have marks on it that weren’t there before. It may have a little more give in the tummy. This is normal, and ok! Give yourself love, empathy, and acceptance. Watch that internal dialogue and be kind to yourself like you would your best friend.

Know you are more than your body. You are a mother, and a damn good one at that!

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