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6 steps to having a natural birth

Let's start with one thing. Changing language. All birth is natural. The way your baby is born doesn't make your baby unnatural.

What you're looking to accomplish is an UNMEDICATED birth, one free of intervention, interruption and coercion.

This is many of our clients goals, and also it is our favourite thing to teach about. Having an unmedicated birth can have incredible benefits like;

- faster healing

- less likely to have postpartum depression

- better outlook on birth

- labour can be faster

- better possibility for breastfeeding

- encourages feelings of empowerment

- gives you the freedom to move around in labour

Having a birth plan can be taboo, but having goals and desires, and knowing what your values are is very important. If you are someone who doesn't like taking antibiotics, Tylenol or medicine, I imagine you are someone who is hoping for an unmedicated birth. It is absolutely ok for you to have this goal to be unmedicated. People may say to you " there is no medal at the end" or "You don't have to be a hero", but none of those comments help if you know this is something you desire to achieve.

Here's our 6 best tips to having an unmedicated birth:

1: Have the right provider. If you are low risk and know you want an unmedicated birth then a midwife is likely the right provider for you.

2: Having the right environment. The hospital is a place that inherently wants to intervene. To save you, and they believe there that you need saving. Take the time to research both options. Home birth is statistically just as safe as hospital birth.

3: Education: Take a quality prenatal class that leaves you confident and empowered.

We have an incredible 6 hour course that covers everything from pregnancy to postpartum, and all aspects of birth. See more info here

4: Make a birth vision board and look at it daily. Canva has many awesome templates, use pictures and affirmations that inspire you. Save it as your computer wall paper, or your phone back ground. You could even get it printed!

5: Prepare your partner. They are going to be one of the key players in this scenario, and they need to understand your desire to remain unmedicated JUST as much as you do. There will likely be moments you waiver and you will need to lean on them.

6: Hire a doula. A doula is going to help coach you in the direction of the birth you want. They are like a personal trainer for birth and they understand physiology and the human body in a special way. Most doulas eat, sleep, and breathe birth. They read research, books, listen to podcasts, and are heavily invested in helping you have a better birth, and avoid any trauma.

Hope these tips helped you have somewhere to start. Dynamic Doulas is a doula agency out of London Ontario. We have birth and postpartum doulas on our team. We also offer education online, and in person, as well as birth coaching available by the 30 minutes, hour, or in a package.

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