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Doulas don't only support home births.

We love to!

But we also love to be at the hospital with you.

Here are a few things that make having a doula at the hospital super helpful.

1: Your doula knows when you should head to the hospital.

There are many instances where you and your partner may be at home, and not have a midwife available to come and assess you. In this circumstance having a doula at your home with you offers someone with experience guiding you in the decision of 'when do we go to the hospital'. We are big believers that with hospital birth, one of the keys to avoiding intervention is to stay at home as long as possible. Hiring a Doula is an amazing way to feel relaxed, and put your trust into them that you will not be walking the halls for 4 hours when you get there.

2. Your doula knows the hospital well.

Directions to get there. Where the kitchen is to get you endless popsicles, water, juice, whatever you may need. Where the heated sheet warmer is! Where to get the birthing balls from to help you have more positioning options. Even that there is a 'Chicken Finger Hour' in the middle of the night where the cafeteria opens and makes fresh food, but only for an hour! That is priceless at 1am when you've just had a baby and are starved!

3. Your doula knows how to seamlessly work with the midwives, nurses, and OB's.

When medical jargon may start to overwhelm you, your doula can help break it down, or gently remind people to slow it down for you.

4. Your doula knows how to make the hospital feel homey.

We can bring battery operated candles. Remind you to make a playlist. Help you add some things to your packing list to make it comfortable so you can lean into the experience and not feel cold and awkward.

5. Your doula helps your partner

In the hospital its nice if your partner can sneak out and go to the restroom, or go grab a snack and not eat it in front of you. Having a doula means they don't have to feel guilty, or just not even leave because you have a trusted person with you.

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