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Leaps and Spurts: the Dynamic Doulas Coles notes

What is a growth spurt?

Your baby is growing, possibly interested in more frequent feedings, and acting like a bit of a nutter.

What is a Leap?

Your baby is developing a new skill, needing patience, more cuddles, and also acting like a bit of a nutter.

When are they?

honestly... when aren't they?

Growth Spurts Leaps

7-10 days

2-3 weeks

4-6 weeks 5 weeks

8 weeks

12 weeks

3 months

4 months 19 weeks (can't do math? This is just short of 5 months)

6 months 6 months

just shy of 9 months

9 months

btw 10-11 months


btw 12-13 months

btw 14-15 months

btw 17-18 months


What do I do?!

Ask yourself a couple questions:

How old is my baby?

Did you answer anything under 3 months?

If so the answer is the same always.

Your baby prefers uterine like conditions. This is called the forth trimester.

Swaddle your baby, feed your baby often, wear your baby, keep your baby close. White noise, complete darkness, and the warmth of a human nearby will help your baby cope through any growth spurt OR leap. It is completely normal for your baby to be cluster feeding in the evening and eating more frequently. You haven't done anything wrong.

You are in tune with your baby.

Get in bed, feed your baby, nap, binge watch netflix, limit your visitors. This stage is heeeaaaavy but you will come through it.

Be patience and easy on yourself.

For you?

Ask for help, tag your husband in to take over, and you go to chapters for an hour and enjoy a tea on your own.

Go for a walk. With baby, and/or without. Nature can be truly therapeutic.

Find a mommy group! This can be incredibly helpful when you know other people who have babies close to the same age, you can comisserate together about the level of nutters your baby is currently vibrating at.

Is your baby older than 3 months... Guess what, the answer is pretty similar!

Be aware your babys ‘sleep regression’ is not caused by you. They are developing, learning, changing and growing.

They really just want you, close to them, feeding them, and being with them.

Hang in there. Do what you can to care for yourself.

Plant snacks and water bottles all over the house in spots where you may settle down to feed baby.

Put diaper changing stations on all floors of the house.

And get in touch with that mommy group! Village mentality. You aren't alone!


but. They are cute, and love you so so so much. You are all they want and thats so amazing. You have ALL of the tools. You're doing a great job. Breathe Mama

And if you need a helping hand, don't forget, we offer Post Natal Doula services so these leaps and spurts can be just a little easier.

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