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You don't have to do it all

Why you need to prioritize hiring a postpartum doula.

You don't have to do it all.

We did a survey and asked...

"What did you need during postpartum that you didn't get"

Here are the answers...

-A husband who wanted to help


-Support for breastfeeding


-Permission to nap, not entertain visitors, someone to help with housework without me having to ask for it

-Check up on mom, not just baby

-More support

-More attention and acknowledgement

-Unhelpful guests to stay away

-Contact with the outside world

-Help with the things I actually needed and not time consuming visits

-A calm mind, It was always go go go

-More sleep

-Mental health support (how to support me/cope with change)

-Support instead of judgement for all of my decisions

-Help, someone to cook, clean, and hold the baby while I napped.

-People believing it wasn’t just baby blues

-Sleep, and that no one could help.

-Understanding and real help from my partner

-Time alone with my little.

We have a solution;

Take something off of your plate. Postpartum is a rollercoaster with loving, beautiful moments, and lows deeper and lonelier than you ever imagined. Your body has changed, your relationship, your life.

Hire a postpartum doula.

-We come in and make your life easier.

-We can be a listening ear.

-We are expert baby holders.

-We can help you catch up on household duties and put routines into place to make your life easier.

-We offer infant feeding support.

-We do overnights.

-We do daytime help.

-We do bedtime help.

Visit our website to inquire and get more information about what hiring a postpartum doula can do for you.

A postpartum doula is like hiring a specialized short term nanny to help with getting you transitioned from zero to one, one to two, or more babes. We are experts in newborn care, infant feeding and the postpartum healing journey.

We help build you a custom package, and add an ease and freedom to your current situation.

It can be overwhelming, lonely, and exhausting during those first few weeks of parenthood. But what if I told you, you don't have to just scrape by letting it suck every ounce of your effort out of you. You can surround yourself with a supportive helpful village, and we can help you thrive. We can help you come out of the fog, and get a solid foundation of confidence, and ease in parenting.

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