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Preparing for Pregnancy: 7 things to do when you're trying to get pregnant.

6 things to do when you are ready to start 'trying' for a baby. 

1. Track your cycle. 

Are you regular? Like clockwork? Or do you skip and miss periods here and there and not really notice until later on? Download an app to track your menstrual cycles. Get in touch with your cervical fluid! Get your hormonal health in check. Visit a naturopath like Lindsay Martens, ND to make sure your body is functioning at its highest ability to conceive before it's an issue.

2. Start an exercise routine, and get on track with your health care.  

Movement is so important in all aspects of life, but especially labour. Balance, Gravity and Movement are the key players in an intervention free birth. Start habits now that encourage you to keep moving through your pregnancy. As long as you were doing it before you were pregnant you can continue throughout your gestation. Go see your chiropractor, get a massage. Your body is going to be a hard working vessel to get baby here, treat it with the respect it deserves. Build a strong, healthy, thriving home for your baby. These habits and their importance extend far beyond just conception and pregnancy. Movement is a method of dealing with stress, depression, and just the tough job of being a mom,

3. Do some research about the difference between having an OB or a Midwife.  

The birth process can be the most empowering experience of your life. Educate yourself on all of your care options and decide what is right for you. Talk to women who have had midwives, or OB’s and listen to their advice. Call and get on a waiting list for a midwife AS SOON as you find out you are pregnant. Especially here in London, its extremely difficult to get into midwifery care. 

4. Talk to the women in your life who you trust, admire, and really listen to their stories of pregnancy, and birth.

Your friends, your mom, your grandma, or anyone who has values you align with. Really LISTEN. Until I had a baby of my own I didn’t sit down and digest those incredible stories, but they are so important. If you have struggles with infertility, pregnancy or birth its so therapeutic to know you are not alone. You can draw strength from their experiences. Hearing positive stories is even better! When you hear negative ones, if you feel comfortable, ask what they may have done differently. We as women need to create a village of support for each other. 

5. Get in touch with yourself.

Journal, write down what it is like to just think about you. Talk about yourself, and what you were like before kids. Because afterwards it will be difficult to remember what it used to be like. Knowing yourself, especially how to care for yourself is so incredible important as a mother so figure out what helps you feel like you. Your ‘me’ time. Then after baby you can work to recreate that. When you are happy, your baby is more likely to be happy. Don't loose yourself in the craziness of motherhood. Weeks will go by and you will sit down and think, 'wow, when was the last time I did something for ME'. Make sure to makes dates with yourself to check in. 

6. Get your nutrition in check. 

Do you up your water intake, or decrease your sugar consumption? Do you cut out carbs? Eat more fat? There is SO much information out there when it comes to nutrition. Speak to your trusted health team about what you can do to prepare your body for baby. Its easier to start healthy habits before you have baby than after.

7. Take a Pregnancy Prep course.

That's right. They exist! We have one and its so informative. Two hours of talking about anatomy, preparing your body, mind, and relationship, sleep, hormones, and so much more. If you are thinking about trying and are so lost in where to even start please check out the workshops page on our website and sign up.

Before you pee on the stick, start here!

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