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Skin to skin is in! Here’s why...

Along with delayed cord clamping and not bathing your baby for a week, skin to skin is often something we are asked about.

Everyone tells you to do it, but do you really know all of the amazing things about skin to skin with your baby that you need to know?!

Information is so powerful and when you understand the WHY, prioritizing the skin time with your sweet baby is much easier.

- it regulates baby’s temperature, heart rate and breathing, even blood sugar.

- aids with development of gut flora

- helps increase breastmilk supply

- increased success with latch for baby feeding.

- promotes attachment

- decreases pain for mom and baby because of oxytocin release (isn’t this amazing!)

- reduces stress hormones for mom and baby (who doesn’t need less stress!)

Its common practice to have skin to skin encouraged for a little while after baby, but it seems that so quickly they are whisked away and dressed in cute outfits.

Skin to skin isn‘t just beneficial in the early hours post birth, it’s great for months and months! If you’re feeling a drop in milk supply, into bed and skin on skin for you!

Baby having a sleep regression? Try a skin to skin nap during the day and see if it helps!

I also think it’s important to clarify that skin to skin means baby in a diaper on your mostly bare skin! A nursing bra or something similar is ok, but the most benefit is seen from baby drinking you in. Your smell, your touch, and as often as possible.

It even helps eliminate visitors who over stay their welcome, it gets kind of awkward to ask to hold a baby when it’s nuzzled between moms breasts, or kangaroo cuddled onto dads chest!

I know now personally I didn’t exercise this tool nearly often enough, if I could go back I’d spend more time in bed with my baby cuddled up on me. Hope you find it helps you out!

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