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You have the right to choose in your birth.


As doulas we want you to know you have a choice.

‘Oh the Ob said I have to push on my back.‘

‘I was booked to be induced on Tuesday’

’You’re not allowed to eat in labour my OB said’

Redefine ‘I have to’

Ask why do I need to be induced on Tuesday? Can’t we check how my baby is doing and then decide?

Midwifes patients eat in the delivery room, why are OB patients different?

Take the bull by the horns. This is YOUR BABY’s birth. It is up to you.

You have the right to research, you have the right to say no, and you have the right to say yes!

To whatever 👏🏼you 👏🏼want👏🏼

We often get very coerced by white coat syndrome in the delivery room. The OB must know best. They are well educated, experienced, but they are not YOU.

Attend a prenatal class, do reading and research. Don’t let the intensity and emotions of the situation sweep you away.

You must prepare for birth. You must research options and know your rights. No one is going to do it for you. Your health care providers will check their boxes and then move on with the appointment. Its up to you to read the fine print, or know what questions to ask.

Treat birth like a marathon, or a test you are preparing for. There is a lead up time, you know it’s coming. Use your time wisely to educate yourself and your partner. Knowing the benefits and risks of any procedure before it happens is key to feeling in control of your birth.

Familiarize yourself with terminology, common concerns or variations from normal. Listen to others birth stories, and ask questions about what they learned or may have done differently.

Hire a doula. We are your concierge through pregnancy, birth, and afterwards. We are SO happy to help you weed through info, figure out the questions to ask, and encourage you to be in the drivers seat of your baby’s big day.

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