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10 thoughts new mom's struggle with... and what to do.

Hey new mama, I've got something you need to hear.

You've just had your baby, let's talk about some of the things you're going to be feeling

  • This is way harder than I thought it was going to be

  • Why can't my partner do more

  • I don't think I am cut out for this

  • I'm not happy. I thought there would be bliss

  • I'm exhausted to a level I didn't think possible

  • When does the love come?

  • I need help but I have no idea how to make myself ask for it

  • I'm not a good mom

You're not alone ❤️

These feelings in the immediate postpartum come fast, heavy, and like a rollercoaster.

Not only are you healing from a birth, but you are also now caring for a baby 24/7, and your hormones are on an adventure ride you can't get off of.

Add in any expectations that aren't being met, either from the birth experience, the feeding experience, or how you thought postpartum may be; and you've got a recipe for some BIG thoughts that can feel scary and isolating.

You're now a parent who doesn't have the space or capacity to heal from their birth experience or to catch their breath in the newborn days.

It is A LOT.

Know that all of these feelings are normal

Know you can be satisfied, content, and exhausted. You can hold many feelings at once. This is not a diagnosis. It's a look in the mirror at how you are REALLY doing emotionally, and then a step in the direction of action.

Write it out if you can't speak it out.

I need help

I need space to myself for my thoughts, my tears, and my feelings

I need a nap without the chance of a baby crying

I need support with our feeding choices, I feel like I'm doing everything wrong.

I need boundaries with visitors

I need more visitors who know how to help and not be hosted

I need a minute

I need a hug

It's ok to ask for help. We actually encourage it. Ask for so much you feel indulgent! Rest more than you think you need to!

And once again find peace in the fact you aren't alone.

Leave some support in the comments... did you feel any of these feelings?

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