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6 awesome ways to make the first 6 weeks of parenting easier.

You start with pregnancy, and worrying about keeping that baby in.

Pregnancy progresses, and you then start worrying about how you are going to get that baby out!

You have your birth, and all of a sudden you're sent home with a brand new bundle and NO MANUAL.

Don't Google, it's a nightmare. Save this post and make your first 6 weeks easier with our expert advice.

1: You know best. I know its hard to believe, you just met this human. But you are so intuitive its incredible. You do know best, and tapping into that deep inner knowing will get you far in your parenting wins!

2. Manage your expectations. Babies love to be held. They sleep often, and a lot, which can also feel like not nearly enough. There is a reason our amazing country of Canada gives not only the birthing person 18 months of leave, but the partner 5 weeks. That means you will need all hands on deck for those 5 weeks. It's amazing that one tiny human requires the attention of two adults, but it DOES. Trust us. Plan for little sleep. Take turns, and try to get 10 hours of accumulated sleep in a day. It may not be consecutive, but that laundry and cleaning can wait.

3. Which brings me to; invite help. Whether it's a trusted friend, or family, or hiring a postpartum doula; you will NEED it. The saying "It takes a Village" didn't come from no where. Have your mom come and fold laundry. Have your mother in law bring over dinner twice a week and walk your dogs. Have you doula come for a daytime shift to get you both a nap that won't be interrupted by a baby... Those first few weeks are precious, and easier to get through with many hands making light work.

Try to ask for help with EVERYTHING. You should be asking for so much help it feels indulgent. Lean in to that.

4. Know where the experts are. You should identify before your baby is born, where the breastfeeding experts are, where the local well baby clinics are, where there are mom drop in groups in your area, and who are your local postpartum doulas. We are firm believers in hiring the right people for the job. Give yourself the grace and understanding that you've never done this before, and ask for help early.

5. Take space. You are still important. As is your partner. We follow someone on instagram who when they had their first baby, they made sure they each got an hour of alone time every day. How amazing does that sound?! Your partner also wins by having that time to gain confidence with a baby that they may not get as much time with if this devoted practice wasn't being honoured. We LOVE this goal.

6. Know what you need before you need it. This may seem daunting. How do I anticipate my needs? Well in our next blog post we will tell you just that. Follow us on instagram @dynamicdoulas, on Facebook - Dynamic Doulas of London, and on any podcasting app - Radically Thriving.

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