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6 things to strengthen for birth

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Strengthen your body - squats and walking, these are 2 non negotiable for pregnancy. If walking is bothering you, do some glute activation first! Exercise reduces all pregnancy complications by 40%. At a bare minimum, pay attention to how you are resting - reclining is not an optimal position for baby positioning.

Strengthen your no - I believe that everyone speaks from love and fear. Unfortunately we are in a very fear based birth culture and you will be offered many things that are based in fear. Extra ultrasounds, extra monitoring, extra tests, inductions, stretch and sweeps, cervical checks, scrubbing your baby when born, pulling your cord, extra pitocin. You can say no to anything! Most of the above is not even evidence- based.

Strengthen your intuition - practice tuning into yourself and not google. Everything that comes up on the first few pages on google is not based in physiological, birthing wisdom, but often in care provider and hospital practice. You’re not going to find the best answers for your heartburn and your fears on google. Lean into your intuition and seek wise counsel.

Strengthen your yes - ask for what you want. It’s often easier for women to lean into what they don’t want, and that’s great . But what fuels you, what encourages you, what makes you smile and laugh, what makes you feel warm and loved and supported. Lean into those things and ask for them - that’s the way you’ll have the best pregnancy and birth.

Strengthen your knowledge - your primary care provider doesn’t have the time to educate you, and, do you want their fear-based education? Seek out birth education that is based in physiology and is woman centred.

Strengthen your diet - food is medicine. Are you eating enough protein? I’m talking 100g a day minimum, you’re growing a human. The right fats - I’m talking salmon and avocado. How’s your salt? You need between 2-8grams a day, salt your food to taste - if you are craving weird things it could be because you need more salt and magnesium. In general, everyone could benefit from eating more eggs - 2 a day will give you all your choline needs.

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