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9 things you NEED to understand to have a better birth experience.

After 12 years in this work, and 7 of them teaching hundreds of people childbirth education, these are snippets of the most important parts of our prenatal class...

1: Pregnancy health and nutrition; don't sleep on how important how you fuel your body is. Upping your protein and salt can prevent MANY pregnancy issues. Staying hydrated with electrolytes is so helpful for feeling well. Balancing your blood sugar can help you feel better hormonally and physically

2: Sleep; optimizing your sleep will dictate how you can get through the day. You are growing a human. Be compassionate to your increased need for sleep. And eliminate blue night an hour before bed to help make more melatonin and therefore sleep better

3: Sex; orgasm and sex are a great way to relax, feel connected, and prepare your body for birth. Especially in those later weeks of pregnancy. Orgasms release oxytocin and can really help your body. We even recommend an orgasm in early labour!

4: Anatomy and Physiology. Especially if you are hoping for a unmedicated birth, understanding how the uterus contracts and how the pelvis move optimally will help you stick to your goals. Understanding the why behind the what makes you commit even deeper because you understand the benefit.

5: The hard stuff. Consider what you don't want: forceps, vacuum, cesarean, episiotomy, Pitocin. No one wants these things. Work backwards from there. How do I set myself up for success to avoid these funnels... let me tell you, a great place to start is not getting induced unless you NEED to.

6: Oxytocin; the most important hormone in your labour. The key to coping with pain. Understand what helps oxytocin flow, and what stops it is VERY important.

7: Adrenaline and Cortisol - the things that can stop or slow down your labour

8: Am I feeling fully supported by my care team? If you're going into your birth feeling like it's a battle, it may be time for some clearing conversations to get everyone on the same page. Feeling supported in your goals matters to your oxytocin production.

9: How birth works optimally... how to get out of your own way, how to unlearn what society has taught you, and how to get what you want; feeling satisfied, safe, and supported through your experience.

If you want to understand any of these things on a much deeper level, our Dynamic Birth Academy class covers all of it. Learn in an educational but funny way; all face to face recorded video. No slides. This is personal to us and we want you to see how much we care.

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