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Do I really need a Prenatal Class?

We really live in an information generation, so you've got to wonder, with so much info out there, do you really need to take a prenatal class? Is dragging your partner to a prenatal class really the best use of your time?

I remember with my first pregnancy wondering if it would be a good use of our Saturday, and would I learn anything new. I had been reading various books and watching documentaries. We had appointments throughout my pregnancy, but here was the thing; at our appointments, we would often be asked if we had any questions. But we couldn't ask questions about things we didn't know about!! I didn't know to ask questions about how the 3rd stage will be managed, about how circumcision could affect breastfeeding, or how many cervical checks are necessary?

Now 8 years later, at my prenatal class, you'll learn about your anatomy, how birth works, and how to help all your hormones and endorphins work for you in labour. You'll learn about your's and the baby's physiology in labour and pushing. you'll learn what each stage of labour is, you'll learn about yourself and how likely you are to get an epidural.

Your partner will learn how they can help. Women often tell me that the prenatal class is the one day that they've got to give their partner all the information they want them to know. They will learn what birth looks like and feels like, and how they can help you through each contraction. This means that they'll be LESS likely to encourage you to get the epidural right away, to ease their OWN discomfort with your labouring!

You'll both try out some labouring positions, watch a few videos of what it looks like, and understand how to navigate the birth process. Maybe best of all, with all the new information you are learning about the process of birth start to finish, you'll come up with all kinds of questions on the spot.

Some people love to learn in a group setting where they are able to sit back and take it in, and learn from other's questions. Some people learn better one on one, where the class can be more tailored to where they are at.

There really isn't anything that replaces in-person conversation, connection and communication. I can guarantee you'll learn something new, share a laugh or five, and leave feeling more confident about your body's ability to birth your baby.

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