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Do I Really Need to Take a Prenatal Class?

I get asked this all the time. K, I don't get asked this all the time, people don't really ask me this, because they know I teach prenatal classes and that I'm probably going to tell them that they should. But i do get the, "I'm not sure I'll get much out of a class" and "It's just not something we can make time and money for right now" - and I appreciate the honesty of that one for sure.

Here are the situations where you don't need to take a prenatal class:

* You are a doula or a midwife. (even then, it might be nice to be with a group learning about birth, and hear something from another person's perspective.

* You have had multiple babies and have been satisfied with your birth, have read multiple birth books, watched multiple birth videos, have a doula who can fill in the gaps.

* You are a unicorn.

Yeah i can't think of any others.

Oh yes I can, you've interned at the farm with Ina May Gaskin. If you don't know what that means, you need a prenatal class.

Here's the thing, I'm not sure about what happens at other prenatal classes, but I can speak about what happens at mine.

First of all we talk about prenatal health, pregnancy, nutrition, exercise, sleep, sex, stress. This is the shortest part, because usually you are already well into your second trimester by the time you are taking the class.

Then we get into the physiology of the pregnant and labouring woman. The hormones involved. The why and how it works. Knowing this reaaaaaally helps women to be confident in trusting their bodies' to birth their babies.

The meat and potatoes of the class is birthing your baby. That's why you come to the class isn't it? I always start the class by asking what everyone hopes to get out of the class. Nearly everyone says that they want to leave with more confidence about the process and to feel more comfortable about what to expect. Nearly everyone leaves the class with more confidence in their body, and in their ability to bring their baby out of their body and into the world! We talk about what early labour, active labour, transition and pushing can look like and feel like as well as other goodies like labour positions, pain management, and delayed cord clamping.

Next we talk about mom and baby postpartum - this means everything that happens once the baby has exited your body. Some of the info shared here is a game changer. I can't tell you how many people will tell me, "I remember you saying that I might feel like this and like this, and then I felt better."

Lastly we talk all about breastfeeding. There's soooo much to know!

DId I mention that I have fun props, teach the class in a super comfy location, serve yummy drinks, and give you a take home postpartum sitz bath herbs? Okay, okay, now this is turning into a huge ad. But seriously, this is my passion, and what's better than taking a class with someone who loooooves what they do?

Long story short, why wouldn't you want to take a prenatal class? WIth me that is.... #ad

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