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How to save for a postpartum doula

We talk alot on our instagram page about saving for the doula like you save for a wedding.

This is the narrative we want to see moving forward in the world.

Just a few thousand dollars can make SUCH a big difference.

Here's how to save:

If you start thinking about your birth and postpartum and how to optimize them when you start trying, you could save anywhere from $25-$100 a week and stash it away for you, and your baby's support.

50 weeks of $25 could get you: Online Childbirth Education, and $1000 worth of postpartum support. That could be two overnights and 3 day time visits in the first week to help with your healing, and you catching up on sleep. Also we are experts in baby care, routines, and transitions. Imagine having that in your home to support you those first two weeks!

50 weeks of $50 could get you: In person labour support including a prenatal visit, postpartum visit, and all of your child birth education! PLUS an overnight visit and daytime visit in the first week!

50 weeks of $100 a week saved: This is the good stuff! All of the education, and in person support for your birth, plus two over nights a week, and three day time visits a week for the first two weeks. You could always spread it out differently, but those first two weeks especially with your first baby, are SUPER important for your healing and foundation into motherhood. Maybe instead of baby shower gifts you ask people to contribute to your savings! If 30 people contribute $40, thats $1200 towards you, and your family being able to heal without stress and trauma!

Want to know more!? Visit either the birth doula, or postpartum doula page here and inquire! Consults are always free!

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