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I don't want an epidural, but what if I can't handle the pain?

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

I see you

You dream of an unmedicated birth

Maybe you identify as a bit of a hippie, or crunchy. Or maybe you don't

But you know there is something more to birth

More than what the movies and tv show you

More than you hear from people you know who have had babies

More than "Going with the flow"

Join our free webinar to learn all about how to Cope with the Pain of Unmedicated birth, and accomplish the birth of your dreams

Topics we will cover

Why do so many people get the epidural

Is my goal unrealistic?

What if my labour is long?

The secret to staying unmedicated

What to do your last 10 weeks of pregnancy to prepare for an unmedicated birth

We will focus on how you want to FEEL at your birth. We will teach you our best tricks from 12 years of experience supporting hundreds of unmedicated births. You will feel confident, powerful, and maybe even excited!

Who is this for

  • first time parents

  • you are interested in knowing more about birth

  • you know there is more than what movies and tv tell you

  • Intrigued by wanting an unmedicated birth

  • someone who doesn't want birth trauma or a cesarean to happen

  • someone who wants their partner to also be confident and more prepared

Approximately 60-70% of people get an epidural. While it is absolutely your choice, it is ALSO your choice to not want one, and to prepare yourself accordingly to accomplish that goal.

for anyone having a baby, and hoping to fill their tool box with as many tricks as they can to get though their labour with as little intervention as possible.

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