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I hate the term ‘Natural Birth’

Why I hate the term ‘Natural Birth’

Natural is defined as ‘existing in or caused by nature; not made or caused by humankind.’

Birth is defined as ‘the emergence of a baby or other young from the body of its mother; the start of life as a physically separate being.’

Often after a birth I’ll run into someone that asks ‘did she have the baby naturally?’

This is such a loaded question to me. It comes with all sorts of icky feelings like:

So if she didn’t you will pity her?

How do you define natural?

Is her birth experience less valuable because it doesn’t meet your standard of ‘success’

A birth is a birth. By definition the baby exiting your body and starting life as it’s own being is a birth. REGARDLESS of the method of birth. By way of the vagina, or via a cesarian; your birth is a birth.

What makes a birth wonderful is all emotions.

Did you feel supported?

Did you feel educated?

Did you feel in control?

Did you feel empowered?

Did you feel loved?

These are the things women should be celebrating and talking about.

How to achieve this in birth.




In control



It is possible in almost all birthing situations.

Whether a birth is described as natural or not is not synonymous with a happy supported mom.

Whether a birth is natural or not doesn’t mean a mom didn’t feel coercion, judgement, or feel unloved.

Natural and birth just shouldn’t be in the same sentence at all anymore.

Here are some things you can ask/say when you know someone who’s welcomed a new arrival...

“Congratulations! Can I bring over a meal or run an errand for you”

“So exciting to meet your baby! If there’s anything I can do to help you rest or heal please ask!”

“I love the name! It’s beautiful!”

“What an adventure birth is! I hope your healing process goes smoothly!”

“Oh you were at a birth? I hope the mom and baby are well”

Be kind. Only say positive things. Offer help

And know in your heart;

Fertility issues are not a failure

Epidurals are not a failure

Induction is not a failure

Augmentation is not a failure

Cesarian birth is not a failure

Instrumental delivery is not a failure

You are a success. Period.

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