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I'm pregnant, NOW WHAT?!

Help! I just found out I am pregnant! What do I need to know?

1: You’ve got this! Congratulations! Now is a time to decide who you want in your corner. We don’t love the idea of going through the first trimester alone… tell some trusted family/friends who can be there for you emotionally and physically!

2: Do you want a Midwife? Or an OB?

Not sure…ask around. Who do you know who had a birth like you want to have? Now is the time to tap into your values and beliefs and choose based on that.

3: What can I not eat? A lot of the information around nutrition in pregnancy is quite outdated. We love Lily Nichols book “Real Food for Pregnancy” and suggest following her on instagram.

4: What should I eat more of? PROTEIN, and SALT. This is going to be the answer to a lot of your general concerns in pregnancy. Adding eggs to your diet every day is a great start, and a great electrolyte drink like @LMNT

5: Write stuff down. I think keeping a journal or instagram about your journey is so so helpful. You will love to reflect on it, and so will your kids!

6: More is more… do I need a doula?

I am not sure, but if you do, it’s never too early to hire one. Our consults are also always free! Ask us any questions you like about what we do, and what the value of having a doula is.

7: Rest Rest Rest. Listen to your body, you are growing a human, these first three months MAY not look like your regular life. You may be exhausted, and a little more introverted. That’s ok! Lean into it.

8: What testing should I do? This again is a choice that is for you, and you alone. A way I like to think about tests is “What am I going to do with the information?” And decide on if I need the test from there.

9: Change your due date in your calendar by AT LEAST one week! This will greatly help your mindset, and also will manage people texting constantly do know ‘is baby here yet’?

10: Find a great prenatal class, in person OR online, and sign up!! I

To take our online EMPOWERED BIRTH EDUCATION class click here, and use the code BLOG to get 25% off.

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