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Navigating Holiday Treats

With the holiday season upon us and multiple gatherings, there are always an abundance of treats. The temptation to try them all, perhaps having one too many treats and the feeling of guilt that comes with overindulging.

With studies showing that so many people gain a few extra pounds during the holiday season, there are ways to avoid this while still enjoying yourself and a few treats too!

1. Eat before you go: Having a balanced meal at home before you head to a holiday get-to-gether will ensure that you get in some veggies and proper nutrients. This can also help in feeling fuller and limiting overindulgence.

2. Set a limit: Choose 3 sweet treats and savour the selection. Rather than feeling restricted by avoiding all festive foods, choosing a few items provides enjoyment and moderation.

3. Use a smaller plate: Variety is key! Try many different dishes and treats, bonus points for veggies!

4. Stay hydrated: Try to hit a few litres of water each day. Your body will thank you.

5. Don't forget your probiotic: Many of the foods we will eat during the holiday season can be higher in refined sugar & carbohydrates which can lead to disruption in our digestion and immune function. This can also lead to feeling brain fog and sluggish. Keeping up with a probiotic or fermented foods and drink (kombucha), will help with regulation of bodily systems.

6. Move your body: Make time for exercise daily. For many the holiday season becomes busy and we fall off of our daily health routine. You may not get to the gym in the same pattern so remember to at least go for a walk, stretch and work on some mobility or try a new class!

7. Rest: Sleep is just as important and with a few extra late nights, cocktails and festive foods, we need to recover. Remember to get some solid sleep. Keep your room dark, lower in temperature and limit those electronics in bed.

8. Food at home: Remember to stock your kitchen and pantry at home with healthy choices. Feeding yourself and your family nutrient dense and wholesome foods is best. The less 'junk' in the house, the less temptation to eat it.

9. Try a new recipe: There are so many sweet treat recipes that are lower in sugar, the chance to hide some veggies in there and a great way to get the kids in the kitchen!

10. Bring a Dish: Try #9 above and take it with you to your holiday get-to-gether! You'll have a 'go to' dish for a healthier option and share something delicious with your friends.

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