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Our best early labour tips

Our best early labour tips, from experienced doulas to YOU.

I wish we had a crystal ball, but unfortunately we cannot predict how quick or slow your labour may go. Prodromal labour is real, and if you're counting minutes from the first cramp, this process is going to feel VERY long. An average first labour, from first surge to baby out can be as long as 30 hours. Keep that in mind as you read through our best tips built from years of experience.

Early labour can be long and how you cope and flow through it can be a large part of how your active labour will unfold.

Here are our best tips for early labour

1: Ignore if possible - if it doesn’t demand all of you, stay distracted.

Make a list of awesome things to distract you. We want you to be SO excited for a long early labour, that you're disappointed if its short.

2: Day time things in the day - and include in this naps daily as often as possible past week 37.

3: Night time things at night - that’s right. You need sleep, and so does your partner.

4: Don’t time your contractions. Honestly if you have to time them they aren’t close enough to make change. When they get close enough and intense enough, you will not be able to ignore them.

5: Boundaries - don’t worry about others opinions. They don’t get to decide when you head to the hospital or call your midwife. That is up to you. Stay away from your phone, and social media.

6: Have some treats involved in the process. Things you’re looking forward to. A new bath bomb, a new season of a show you love, something to bake, a delicious sandwich. Anything that could be a reward to getting to this point!

And of course, hire a doula. We are just a text away to help you through your early labour!

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