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Preparing for a Positive Birth; our new class!

We made our first course and its free to you!

We've seen too many people go into a birth without preparation. Many clients hire us the second birth because they know they want better!

What do you learn in Preparing for a Positive birth

✔️ myth busting and unlearning societal lies about birth

✔️ how animals birth and what we can learn from that

✔️ access to our Facebook group “Radically Thriving in Birth”

✔️ downloadable PDF resources

✔️ hospital, home, ob or midwife

✔️ why the choices you make in birth matter

✔️ the important of prenatal education

✔️ why due dates matter, or don’t

✔️ learn how to set goals for how you want your birth to feel

✔️ how optimizing your hormones is the key to facilitating your labour

This is our first of many offerings, make sure to visit our instagram and get on our mailing list for more!

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