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We are not taking care of our Moms in their fourth trimester the way we need to be

Meet Ashley, our passionate, hardworking postpartum doula. She is an actual angel, and anyone who has been blessed enough to have her in their home knows just how lucky they are.

I love postpartum work! I love it for the snuggles, for the meeting new people, and for the feeling of “making a difference”. (Trust me, no one makes you feel more valued then a parent who just got to nap, or take a shower!)

I love the rawness and vulnerability that each family allows me to experience with them. In return, I try my very best to be each families biggest cheer leader. I try to empower and support in such a way that I can highlight just how natural and amazing these new parents and siblings really are, because honestly THEY ALWAYS ARE (even if they don’t feel like it). I am best at finding the good, at highlighting and celebrating all things big or small. My hopes is that every visit I leave and my family feels even more empowered to do this crazy journey we call parenting.

I am not so great at making Omlettes, but will always try with true optimism that “this time will be different”… it never is. But, the perseverance should be an indication of just how determined I am to give my families what they need. However, if I were you I would request another meal.

One of my biggest beliefs around motherhood is that we are not taking care of our Moms in their fourth trimester the way we need to be. I know that we are headed in the direction, and am hopeful that we can one day get to a point where every single new Mom has a village to support her. Until then you will find me fetching water for a new Mom, folding some laundry and reminding her of what a damn queen she is!

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