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What is birth coaching, and why would I need it?

You are being called to lean into your deepest intuition. You already know that your body and your baby know exactly what to do. You’ve been outsourcing your power, your innate knowing for too long. I get it, I’ve been there. The truth is, we’re sold an illusion of safety by handing

our pregnancies and births away entirely to our care providers. But it gets to be powerful. It gets to be transformative. You know this. You know

this could be a time that you could connect deeply with yourself and come out the

other side feeling grounded and connected. To yourself, and to your baby. The world tells you that everyone knows more than you, and while you’ve had moments of believing that to be true.... you know it’s time to lean back into you. Into your body, your heart, your knowing. Your every cell knows how to grow and birth your baby. Your every cell is pleading with you to just let it be, and your mind is faltering, second guessing. It’s time to take it back and wholeheartedly come to a place of sovereignty (possessing supreme and ultimate power).

I am the unique intersection of birth-worker and coach. I have born witness to home births and hospital births for the past 9 years, all the while learning and shedding various layers of conditioning, patterning and programming of myself. The more I do this work, the more I realize the control in the medical system. The way women are expected to hand their power over to a educated care-giver.

It leads to women feeling helpless and never knowledgeable enough. The truth is, you are already divine, powerful, sovereign and whole just the way you are. You just need some permission to unlock the wisdom that exists in your bones, in your intuition. Birth has become a highly medical experience, and it needs to come back to you - the mother. If you have been wanting to work with me, this is your early-bird opportunity. See the perinatal coaching section of our website to book.

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