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What to expect from Dynamic Doulas

We aren’t just any doula or agency. We are dynamic.

We are always pivoting, growing, challenging ourselves and striving to create a community that supports you not just in your birth, but beyond!

Our vision: we are in this to help women (and all birthing humans) have better births. How do we define better?

Be prioritizing the following; Consent, Kindness, Community and Education are our values.

Consent is everything. It is the key to a birth not becoming a traumatic event. When we can help a client stay in their body, informed and empowered, then we have a birth we look back on with pride not fear. We need to be able to trust the health care people around us to continue to use consent in a gentle way.

Kindness; we see too often that care providers who take on A LOT of clients loose the ‘this is an incredible moment’ approach. We invest in your plan, your family and your story. We are always aware this is one of the biggest days of your life, and we are protecting that event so you can come out thriving. Kindness is the bare minimum of what you should feel your care providers are. In a perfect world we want you to feel loved, confident, safe, and your concerns heard.

Community; we have so many amazing parts of our Dynamic Community. First there is our Facebook group where you can meet other people on similar journeys, make mom friends, and have peer to peer support.

Second we have “Bump Club’ which is done over zoom monthly. It is a peer support group facilitated by members of our team. We chat about all things pregnancy and birth, and create amazing bonds there.

After your baby you can join “Baby Club” which is a weekly meeting ran by our amazing Demi. Show up on zoom 3x a month, and in person 1x a month, and see the reality of postpartum. You will feel held and validated by your peers who are entering this parenting journey alongside you.

Education: There are so many places to get your Prenatal Education, but we really do prefer people take ours. It’s hard to know what you (the client) knows, and doesn’t know, when it doesn’t come from our curriculum. We find clients feel more connected to us when they do our class, and we find it easier to help them in their births because we know what education they have consumed.

It is our ultimate commitment to you that we will do what is in our power to make this experience as enjoyable as possible for you.

We are available for birth and postpartum support in 2022. Please enquire early as we do fill up!

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