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Why Water Birth?

Water birth is a birthing choice that involves a portion of the labor and ideally delivery taking place in a pool or tub of warm water.

It has gained popularity in recent years due to the potential benefits it offers for both the birthing person and the baby. We have witnessed many of our clients enjoying the benefits of labouring in water, and delivering in water. Here are some reasons why some people consider water birth:

1. Pain Relief: Immersing in warm water during labor can provide natural pain relief, relaxation, and comfort. The buoyancy of the water can help reduce pressure on the joints and muscles, making contractions more manageable. Important here is that the water is at least 18 inches deep. You want it to cover as much of your belly as possible.

2. Relaxation and Reduced Stress: The calming effect of water and the privacy it offers can help the birthing person feel more relaxed, potentially reducing stress and anxiety during labor. Having the water as a buffer between you and care providers can bring about a more 'hands off' delivery, which is what most of our clients prefer.

3. Increased Mobility: Water birth allows for greater mobility and ease of movement during labor. Changing positions in the water can aid in optimal fetal positioning and potentially speed up the labor process.

4. Natural Relaxation of Perineal Tissues: Warm water can help soften and relax the perineal tissues, reducing the risk of tearing during delivery.

5. Facilitated Blood Circulation: The warm water can promote blood circulation, which may lead to better oxygenation for both the birthing person and the baby.

6. Smooth Transition for the Baby: Babies are surrounded by amniotic fluid in the womb, so a water birth can provide a gentle transition from the womb to the outside world.

7. Natural Pain Management: Water birth can be used in combination with other natural pain management techniques, such as breathing exercises, massage, and aromatherapy.

8. Positive Birth Experience: Many people find water birth to be a serene and positive birthing experience that helps them feel more in control and connected to the process.

9. Reduced Need for Medical Interventions: Some studies suggest that water birth might be associated with a reduced likelihood of medical interventions such as epidurals, episiotomies, and vacuum or forceps deliveries.

10. Support for Active Labor: Water birth supports an active approach to labor, allowing the birthing person to move and change positions freely, which can aid in progress and reduce the need for prolonged bed rest.

For more information on Water Birth visit Water Birth International, and check out Barbara Harper on the Down to Birth Podcast

We offer pools for purchase for local clients.

Also if you're considering water birth, and haven't done a prenatal education class yet, it's possible our class is a good fit for you! Check out all of our online class options here

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