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We've got the secret to feeling confident and empowered at your birth.

The secret is a special formula. And we're sharing it with you today.

  • Trust. You need to trust your body, your baby, and the uninterrupted physilogical process of birth. For most people this is easy! For some this takes work. If you feel like this is hard to do, we highly suggest a coaching call with us!

  • Support: your partner likely has NO idea how to support you through birth. This is ok, and normal! He's never attended a birth before! He is an expert in you, and not birth, BUT that is still an asset. Listening to audio books, doing our Birth Partner Prep class, and participating in our Prenatal class are all ways to prepare your partner.

  • Education: The foundation of education and an understanding of physiology and how your body WORKS is key to optimizing your birth!

  • OXYTOCIN - the love drug. Know it, use it, and do whatever you can to keep it going. This is why hiring a doula works. We are a golden retriever there to LOVE on you every second of your birth! No licking though.

  • Know what choices you are making: Understand your care provider, your goals, and your environment and how they all effect your birth plan.

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