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8 questions you should be asking your OB?

“Do you have any questions”

You’re asked this at almost every OB/Midwife appointment, but often we don’t even know what we’re allowed/invited/supposed to ask!

And they often don’t have time to fill in the blanks for you.

This is one of our most commonly discussed topics; what do I ask when my OB says “do you have any questions?”…

Here are just a few of our faves:

I really don’t want an epidural, how can you support me in this?

What is your cesarean rate?

What are you views on induction and gestational age?

What do you think is the best way to avoid a cesarean?

What would you suggest for coping in early labour?

How long do you generally wait to clamp the cord?

I don’t necessarily want to push on my back, are you open to catching the baby in other positions?

If I want to be unmedicated and able to move around, I feel like constant fetal monitoring will hinder my movement, are you willing to do intermittent HR monitoring?

I have read the evidence on eating in labour and I will be choosing to do that if I want to, what do I need to do today so I don’t have to discuss that when I am in labour?

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How to come up with questions…

Think about how you want your birth to look and feel? Is consent super important to you? No students? Not getting induced? No mention of an epidural?

These things can, and SHOULD all be discussed before your big day!

Labour day you should be able to remain in your primal brain AS MUCH AS possible to help your body’s physiology work optimally. Not having discussions with your care provider that could have been had weeks earlier.

Was your OB open to discussion?

Were you met with kindness and compassion?

Did you feel like you were at war in labour when you were making requests?

If you are feeling lost, and like you need to know MORE about birth, our BIRTH EDUCATION BUNDLE is an amazing place to start! Find it here.

Tell us about it in the comments! You sharing helps others learn!

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