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Can we stop calling it "overdue"?

Let’s work on some post 40 week mindset… starting with not using the term”overdue”

If you’re pregnant right now, hear me out…

Go into your calendar and change your due date to 7-10 days later than you think it is. Also don’t tell anyone your “due date”.

If people don’t know they can’t message you the daily check in’s that aggravate you so much when you’re beyond 40 weeks.

Change your mindset and prepare for a longer pregnancy. If you believe it’s normal (which it is) and lean into the intuition that your baby will know when it’s time to be born, it will be a lot easier on your emotions and mental health.

Set boundaries around conversations regarding when the baby will be here… have a script in your phone notes that goes something like this…

“Hi! I love that you are so excited for our baby to arrive! Thank you so much for that. I am trying to keep my head strong when it comes to baby’s arrival and not expecting something that may or may not happen on my timeline! I promise I will let you know when baby is here!”

Tell yourself people are excited, and thats awesome, but also you’re allowed to decide what comments are helpful, and what are harmful, regardless of their intentions.

If Induction is being brought up by your care provider, check out our “Optimizing Your Induction” course where we talk about IF you need to be induced, and how to decide, and then if you move forward with an induction we discuss how to optimize it.

Inductions come with risks that often aren’t discuss in depth. You have a higher risk of cesarean or instrumental delivery with an induction, especially if this is your first labour. That is something major to consider on it’s own.

Also keep in mind our version of “normal” for due dates is skewed because we induce SO many people early, we don’t have a really picture of how long people can carry babies for and how normal that may be.

Most people will have their babies by 40 weeks and 5 days, add on 5 days to that if you’re over 5’8”.

We promise you aren’t an elephant, you WILL not be pregnant forever. There are ways to check on baby and make sure they are just fine on the inside to ease your mind if you need that.

But like we said, the biggest thing is mindset!

A trust and understanding of your body, and how it works!

Need more, check out our courses:

Kitchen Table Prenatal


Optimizing Your Induction

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For more education and information about how to work with your body instead of against it!

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